Update:  participation extended until May 15th!

The time has come! We are going to build our very first community theme! What’s that you ask? Well, we decided, that its time that you guys strain your brains because we know that a lot of you are extremely creative from what we have seen and heard in the last couple of years. Now you have the possibility to use that creativity and come up with awesome ideas for a MoBro theme that will be customizable with our new customization feature.

We will then go through all the ideas and let our patreons vote on their favorite. The chosen one will then be implemented by us for you!


Since not everything is implementable and some of the devices that will render the theme are Raspberry Pi Zeros we will have to give you guys some boundaries.

  • Keep in mind, everything is rendered in the web. Something that’s not renderable by a browser is automatically out.
  • Performance is key. Hardcore videos and particle effects will look laggy on any Raspberry Pi.
  • Copyrights must not be violated. Any resources that are copyrighted (like logos, …) are not allowed, since we do not have the rights to use them.
  • Define what widgets the theme will provide, how everything should be arranged and what the general style of the theme will be (medieval, …). Please try to be as specific as possible, you can also provide images and sketches. Just make sure not to violate any copyrights ?


Everyone can participate and post his / her ideas! Just hop over to our forum topic here and post your ideas! We are looking forward to everything you guys will come up with!

If you want to be part of the voting process be sure to become a patreon now! The participation will end on the 15th of may and then it’s up to our patreons to vote!