HWiNFO recently released its new major version, which also brings a few changes that impacts its use alongside MoBro. We will take a closer look and summarize the current situation.

Besides the usual improvements like support for new hardware, improved readings, etc. the release of HWiNFO 7.00 on the 9th of March 2021 also comes with a new licensing model.

Besides the free version for personal use, there is now also a new HWiNFO64 Pro version. You can check out the full feature differences of the two versions here if you're interested.

The relevant change for you MoBro users out there is the new 12-hour limit per day for shared memory support in the free version.
MoBro relies on this shared memory support to pull in the monitoring data from HWiNFO.

On a technical level nothing changed and MoBro is still compatible with HWiNFO and you will be able view the same data as before. But now limited to 12 hours per day.
After those 12 hours are up, the shared memory feature in HWiNFO will be automatically deactivated and data will no longer be available in Mobro.
HWiNFO also requires you to manually enable the shared memory feature again the next day if you want to continue to use it.
To do this, just open the settings and enable support as shown in the screenshot below:


So bottom line then:
If you want to continue to use HWiNFO with MoBro these are your options:

  • Don't update to the new 7.00 version
    You will miss out on updates and don't have support for the latest hardware, so this is definitely no long term solution
  • Limit your HWiNFO usage to less than 12 hours per day
    If 12h per day is more than enough for you, you can just continue to use MoBro + HWiNFO like you used to
  • Purchase a HWiNFO64 Pro license
    It's only 21€ per year for a personal license and even 50% discount if you're a student
    We consider this as an extremely fair price for the product they offer and would suggest to support them if you're using HWiNFO on a regular basis