So here's (finally) a long overdue update on the development status of the new MoBro app. We already implemented some major components and new features of the targets we outlined in the last post. Unfortunately some are still missing..

But just take a look at our new video over here at YouTube where we walk you through all the already implemented features of the current MoBro preview version.

Development Status

Here you can find a quick overview of what's done and what's not:

Completed Tasks

  • App redesign
  • New Dashboard builder
  • Improved local MoBro windows
  • First marketplace version
  • Plugins
    • LibreHardwareMonitorApp
    • MoBroHardwareMonitor
    • HWiNFO64
    • Aida64
  • WidgetPacks
    • Charts
    • Shaps
    • Clocks
  • New Product Page (first version)

Still missing

  • Widgetpacks for the old themes
    • Dubbadhar
    • Default
    • Portal (Patreon exclusive)
  • Data Explorer
  • App overview page
  • Additional plugins
  • Bug Fixes



Dashboards & Widget Packs

Currently we provide three Widgetpacks: Charts, Shapes and Clocks. With those it is already possible to recreate both our old Default and the Dubbadhar Theme. It just takes a little creativity and configuration. But with the new approach even more styles are possible. But we will still ship new Widgetpacks in the future that provide the style of our old themes directly, without having to customize them much.

The new dashboard builder already provides lots of freedom. But you can have a look for yourself and check out the development update video we released on YouTube, where we walk you through all the new already implemented features.


Currently we provide all the data sources we already had in previous versions via Plugins with LibreHardwareMonitor, HWiNFO, AIDA64 and as a new addition our MoBroHardwareMonitoring.
As mentioned in the previous post, each plugin is now started as its own process, while being managed by our background server. Plugins can already be managed via the marketplace as mentioned below.

New Marketplace

The marketplace is the new central location to manage all your Widgetpacks and plugins. New ones are installable right from inside the MoBro app. This also enables us to release updates of just single Widgetpacks or plugins without having to update the whole app.

Contrary to our last post, we already implemented and integrated a first version of the new Marketplace. Otherwise we would have had to build new systems to handle the new Widgetpacks and Plugins just for them to be later replaced by the Marketplace anyway.
So we rather put our effort towards building and integrating a first version of the actual Marketplace instead.

New MoBro product page

We've also already created a first version of the new product page for MoBro, which you can already check out over here at We're still missing some content, proper descriptions and screenshots. But you can already see what style we're going for so we nevertheless wanted to share it.

Preview Version

A preview version of the new MoBro app is already available for all our patreons (regardless of the tier). So if you want to give the new version a try you can do so via Patreon.
Just keep in mind that this is still a preview version. Some bugs and issues are to be expected.

Once all the missing pieces are implemented and the new app is stable there will of course also be some sort of free public version.