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  • DISCUSSION 0 SDK update?

    Hi @dave I saw that you are working on a new dubbadhar theme (https://github.com/ModBros/mobro-theme-dubbadhar2)And I also saw that you are using a mobro npm package here: https://github.com/ModBros/mobro-theme-dubbadhar2/blob/master/src/theme.jsx#L2How ready is ...

    by Nils 7 months 6 replies 0
    Dave Official Bro
    7 months
  • FEATURE REQUEST 0 TypeScript support

    Hey guys! any idea if we can get some types for the mobro sdk to make the themes run in typescript?

    by qnlbnsl Bro 1 year 0 replies 0
    qnlbnsl Bro
    1 year
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