2.199742 controller never released inhibit bit(s)

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I wouldn't want to disturb,

but here is my case

I used Raspberry pi 4B with EEPROM update to 2022.

i keep getting this message and nothing happens

2.199742 controller never released inhibit bit(s)

I unplugged each usb one after the other, but still the same message:


2.199742 controller never released inhibit bit(s)

I use rpi imager to install mobros 

on a usb key and Bout with it, but nothing to do

he stay blocked.

while all the other os  work.


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Hi @sebastien67530 

do I get that correctly that you're flashing the image onto a USB flash drive and are trying to boot from there?

because I've never tested this use case at all.
all the installations we've done so far are booting from a micro sd card

so this might just not work at the moment
is there any particular reason you want to boot from a flash drive instead of a sd card?

You have to modify /etc/fstab and /boot/cmdline.txt and modify the devices listed.  It is set to using the sdcard hardware instead of USB.  My device I changed mmcblk0p1 to sda1.  Do the same for the rest.

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